Darts Betting Not on GamStop

darts not on gamstop

Betting on darts offers a completely different experience from any other type of online sports betting. But, unfortunately, not all online sportsbooks offer a multitude of darts betting options. According to our recent research, darts betting not on GamStop is quite popular. Until just recently, there hadn’t been that many darts bookmakers without GamStop to choose from. The situation has begun to change, though, and we’re here to take a sneak peek at the best specimens on the market!

No worries, there’s nothing new about darts bets not on GamStop: everything is identical to betting on darts on conventional UKGC-licensed sites. The only difference lies in the fact that non GamStop online bookmakers accept self-excluded players. That’s pretty much it. For more information on the best non-GamStop sites for betting on darts, keep on reading!

List of Darts Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Top Non-GamStop Darts Bookies

We did a ton of research for this piece. More than two weeks of active research, mind you. While there are roughly a dozen good sites that offer betting on darts, we’ll provide you with a closer look at the five best specimens. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best sites for darts betting excluding GamStop, make sure to check out the following:

Sportsbook Betting Bonus Rating
Golden Lion Sportsbook 150% Sports Offer up to £200! 4.9/5
CosmoBet Sportsbook Sports Bonus 150% Up To 1000€/$ 4.9/5
Rolletto Sportsbook 100% Sports Bonus 5/5
Hustles Sportsbook 100% Deposit Sports Bonus 4.7/5
God Odds Sportsbook 100% Deposit Sports Bonus Up To 100$ 4.8/5
golden lion sportsbook not on gamstop

Golden Lion Sportsbook

150% Sports Offer up to £200!

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Golden Lion Sportsbook is currently the best darts betting site not on GamStop. That’s simply because it offers an unparalleled variety of darts bets, exceptional event coverage (even smaller events are regularly covered), and a proper live betting section. In short, Golden Lion checks all the boxes that make it the go-to choice for darts betting enthusiasts.

Our research shows Golden Lion is at least one level above every other darts site for betting not on GamStop. It has a superior number of payment methods, more lucrative welcome bonuses, and probably more effective customer support too. Design-wise, the platform might not be the prettiest you’ve ever seen. But, the intuitive user interface more than makes up for it.

cosmobet sportsbook not on gamstop

CosmoBet Sportsbook

Sports Bonus 150% Up To 1000€/$

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If you’re looking for a gambling site where you can bet on darts outside the GamStop framework, CosmoBet Sportsbook might just be your best option. It accepts self-excluded players, has effective customer support, and reasonable wagering requirements for its welcome bonuses.

That’s not all, though! CosmoBet has the latest and greatest in terms of website security and is enjoying quite the popularity despite being launched just a few months ago. So, if you’re interested in sites for darts betting not on GamStop, CosmoBet seems like a fine choice. We warmly recommend you give it a go!

rolletto sportsbook not on gamstop

Rolletto Sportsbook

100% Sports Bonus

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Rolletto Sportsbook is also worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for sites for betting on darts not on GamStop. While its unrestrictive approach is a vital part of its identity, Rolletto has several aces up its sleeves. Low deposit requirements (just 10 GBP), effective customer support, and Bitcoin support, just to name a few.

While it’s not exactly the best darts sports site not with GamStop, Rolletto certainly belongs to the upper echelon. If not for the traits explained above, then surely for its lightning-fast crypto withdrawal times and smooth user experience across the whole platform.

hustles sportsbook not on gamstop

Hustles Sportsbook

100% Deposit Sports Bonus

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Hustles Sportsbook is a great choice for folks who don’t want to settle for anything but the best darts bookmaker not covered by GamStop. Yes, the interface does take some time to get used to it. But, once you wrap your head around it, you’ll begin to appreciate the good stuff on this platform.

By that, we’re referring to a plethora of darts betting options, lots of supported payment methods, and generous welcome bonuses. Plus, if you’re looking for the best darts betting app not on GamStop, you’ve found it! Additionally, Hustles is known for having fast payout times and is generally considered a reputable platform, despite being on the market for just 2 years.

god odds sportsbook not on gamstop

God Odds Sportsbook

100% Deposit Sports Bonus Up To 100$

Visit Site

God Odds Betting Site is the final darts bookmaker not affected by GamStop on our list. It’s known for having superb darts coverage. There are always a few darts matches to bet on. This site covers both men’s and women’s WDF, the PDC World Championship, and many smaller competitions too.

As for the platform as a whole, this darts sportsbook without GamStop looks good and runs as smoothly as any UKGC-licensed counterpart. It does have the best odds we’ve ever seen, but we’ll dare to say they’re above average. Our tests show their customer support replies within 2 minutes, which is always a big plus in our books.

Other Good Non GamStop Darts Bookmakers

There must be other good non-GamStop bookies too, right? Yes, there are! But, the brands we mentioned before are usually the ones you should check out first. If you haven’t found any non-GamStop darts gambling sites that are up to your standards, we have a few additional recommendations. They are as follows:

How We Analyse Darts Bookies Not On GamStop

There’s already a ton of information about our internal reviewing processes. But, it won’t hurt to reiterate it here and prove once and for all that our list of the best darts betting sites not signed up to GamStop offers nothing but cold hard facts! So, if you’re interested in what criteria we used when analysing the best sites above, read the following:

Licensing Credentials of the Bookmaker

Licensing info is one of the first things we look for when reviewing new non UK online sportsbooks. Once we establish the licensing credentials, we go through the terms and conditions and make sure there’s no funny business going on. If everything checks out, we proceed to the next step which is market depth and bet variety.

Market Depth and Variety

Both market depth and variety are not to be taken for granted. We always thoroughly explore both aspects. When talking about darts, specifically, we explore the live betting coverage as well as previously covered events (if possible). Darts is a niche market so not a lot of bookies have decent coverage. But, as always, we’ve done our best to find the best specimens.

User Journey from Sign-Up to Placing a Bet

A good portion of our readers have no experience with registering, signing up, depositing, or placing online bets. That’s why we always analyse the whole user journey to see just how simple or complicated it is. If it’s complicated, we usually put a disclaimer in our review alongside a step-by-step guide. If it’s simple, we emphasise the simplicity within our review.

Variety of Payment Methods Available

We always check the supported payment methods at online bookmakers. In most cases, we take them all for a spin too, testing not just the depositing but payout timeframes too. We’re always on the lookout for bookmakers that accept credit cards as well. Why? Because, believe it or not, credit cards are one of the most sought-after banking methods for UK punters.

Reputation within the Betting Community

Reputation goes a long way in the online gambling industry. Take American betting sites for the UK as the perfect example – their reputation is impeccable. However, British punters typically don’t trust Curacao websites. And while there were some licensing shenanigans a while back, the Curacao licence is now internationally recognised.

Absence of Long Verification Process

Another key aspect of these sites is a short verification process. We’re not talking about betting sites without ID verification. Mind you, most of our top picks will require you to verify your identity at some point. But, the KYC process itself is quite short. In other words, it’s nothing like what you’d have to go through on UKGC-licensed bookies.

Non GamStop Darts Bookies: Overview

Security is often the number one thing players want to learn about when choosing which bookmaker to go with. Betting on darts not on GamStop requires you to go off the beaten path, so take every proactive security measure you can! Furthermore, players often look for information on the available bet offers and minimum wagering rates. No worries, we have all that information in the table right below:

General Information About Darts Betting Not On GamStop
Security Measures SSL encryption, Secure Transaction Protocols
Bet Offers Free Bets, Welcome, Extra Bets
Min. Wagering Rate x1
Best Bookie CosmoBet
Acceptance of UK Players Yes
Trustworthiness Proven

More Information About Darts Betting Not On GamStop

Of course, the stuff featured above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other characteristics of darts betting sites not blocked by GamStop worth investigating. They are as follows:

Wider Access to Markets

Betting on darts on UKGC-licensed bookmakers quickly becomes monotonous. That’s simply because there isn’t enough variety. Plus, darts markets tend to have limited coverage too. On the bright side, there are several top-quality offshore brands that offer much wider access to darts markets. You can find them at the top of this page.

Higher Betting Limits

Even though UKGC-licensed bookmakers have relatively high betting limits, their offshore counterparts typically take things up a notch. Most of the aforementioned are high limits betting sites that don’t just have high betting limits but massive deposit caps too. Most of them feature cryptocurrency payments, which are usually the go-to banking options for high-rollers.

Less Restricted Betting Experience

The vital reason why so many UK punters play at non-GamStop bookmakers is the fact they can play without any sort of restrictions. Folks who are looking for ways to bypass GamStop can simply register at one of these offshore brands. While that is a big plus, it can also lead to addiction, which is why we always advise everyone to gamble responsibly.

Alternative Payment Options Available

As some of you might know already, the UKGC has cracked down on credit card deposits on UK-based online bookmakers. However, offshore brands don’t have to play by those rules, which is why we’re seeing increasingly more UK punters join Visa bookmakers. Not only do they accept Visa, but a vast array of other alternative banking methods that are unavailable on UKGC-licensed brands.

International Location of the Operators

Non-GamStop bookmakers can practically be located anywhere except the UK. These international online bookmakers are licensed by the likes of Malta, Curacao, and Gibraltar, which are some of the world’s most popular gambling utopias. If you’re on the lookout for non-GamStop sites for darts betting, you now know where to look.

Regulatory Differences Compared To Those On GamStop

Believe it or not, being outside the GamStop framework is just one of the numerous regulatory differences between UKGC-licensed and Malta betting sites. Other differences worth mentioning are in the KYC verification processes, player protection, support for certain banking methods, and similar.

Alternative Sports To Darts Bookmakers Not On GamStop

If you got here by mistake, that probably means darts competitions aren’t on your list of betting priorities. If that’s really the case, may we recommend alternatives to darts betting not using GamStop? There are many other awesome sports with healthy bet coverage. We’re referring to sports like football and hockey which not only have much livelier competitive ecosystems but tend to possess far more betting value too.

Even though darts isn’t the most popular sport in the world, the robustness of its competitive ecosystem would surprise many. In fact, such a healthy ecosystem is one of the key reasons why darts betting not with GamStop is such a popular pastime these days. So, if you’ve self-excluded via GamStop but you’d like to place a few bets on darts, here are the biggest competitions to check out:

Tournament Location Month Betting Opportunities
PDC World Darts Championship Alexandra Palace, London December – January Outrights, finalists, and match bets
World Matchplay Winter Gardens, Blackpool July Outrights, finalists, and match bets
World Grand Prix Morningside Arena, Leicester October Outrights, finalists, and match bets

Types of Non GamStop Darts Bets

When talking about darts bets, we always divide them into two main baskets – tournament-based bets and bets on individual matches. The table below provides the most common bet types from both baskets:

Tournament Betting Markets Individual Matches
Outright Winner Bets Match Betting
Futures Betting Handicap Betting
Accumulator Bets 180 Bets
Finalist Correct scores
  • Tournament Betting Markets
    Tournament betting is, just like the name suggests, based on the outcome of the whole tournament. The situation with darts betting is rather simple, though. There are two main types of tournament bets you can place – outright winner and to reach the finals. But, many sites allow you to combine tournament bets and bets on individual matches into accumulators… and that’s where the fun’s at!
  • Individual Matches
    You can think of a darts match as a match in any other sport out there. That said, you can obviously place bets on who’s going to win the match. That’s the most popular bet type on non-GamStop darts betting sites, mind you. But, you can also place handicap bets and correct score bets, as well as the most popular darts special – 180.

Our Experience With Darts Not On GamStop

Darts might not be the most popular choice among online betting enthusiasts, but those who enjoy the fine arts of precision and accuracy ought to appreciate the work we’ve done on this page.

Betting on darts offers a rather thrilling experience, much more thrilling than you might imagine at first. If you register at a good online bookmaker like Golden Lion, a good darts betting experience is almost guaranteed.

It offers the best choice of bets, a simple user interface, and some of the most competitive darts betting odds. If you’re thinking of placing a few bets on darts, that’s your best choice!

Darts Betting Sites Not On GamStop: FAQ

What are darts betting sites not on GamStop?

These sites work outside of GamStop’s framework. What’s GamStop, you may ask. Well, it’s a self-exclusion scheme that allows players to block themselves from playing at UKGC-licensed bookies. The trick is, that offshore betting sites are not on GamStop.

Can UK players use darts betting sites not on GamStop?

Yes, they can. Darts betting sites that aren’t on GamStop’s framework are typically licensed in Curacao. The Curacao licence doesn’t strictly prohibit UK residents from playing there. If you’ve self-excluded via GamStop but you’d like to test your luck, these sites are your only option.

How do I know if a darts betting site not on GamStop is safe?

The best way to know whether or not a darts betting site is safe is to check our reviews. If you don’t have time for that, another great way is to check our guides. All of the sites we feature on our lists are 100% secure. If you have any issues with them, please email us the details.

What types of darts bets can I place on these sites?

The aforementioned sites have a plethora of darts betting options. Of course, match betting is the most common type. But, players can also choose from the likes of handicap markets, most 180s, highest checkout, and outrights. The choices are plentiful, to say the least.

What is the best non GamStop darts betting website?

We dug quite deep into the best darts betting websites and we can confirm CosmoBet is the best specimen. Not only does it have an abundance of betting options for darts, the odds are superb, and there are even live betting options. The latter is only available during the biggest darts tournaments, mind you.

How can I get help if I have an issue with a darts betting site not on GamStop?

If you are experiencing issues with a darts betting site outside of the GamStop framework, the smartest thing would be to contact customer support. If they are unable to resolve the issue, you can always contact us and we’ll see what we can do to sort things out.

What are the withdrawal times like on these sites?

It’s difficult to put a number here because the withdrawal times depend heavily on the payment method and the casino’s processing time. On average, though, we’d gauge it somewhere between 1 to 5 business days. We just can’t be more accurate, unfortunately.